How to Find a Volkswagen Mechanic in Salt Lake City

Volkswagen is one of the most popular car brands in the world. Because of this, it’s important to find a repair location that has the right equipment and someone certified to work on Volkswagen vehicles.

At Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah, we have the staff and tools needed to fix your Volkswagen. Contact us today to schedule a repair appointment.

Check Engine Light

Every time you turn on your engine, your car’s computer does a checkup. It looks for things that may not be functioning properly and alerts you if they are.

A check engine light could pop on for a few different reasons, from a loose gas cap to a serious problem in your catalytic converter. It is important to take care of the issue as soon as possible, however, to prevent it from worsening or becoming a major headache down the road.

The most common reason for a check engine light to come on is an emissions system problem. This is a very complex system that includes many different parts and sensors.

If the system is faulty, it can trigger a diagnostic trouble code in your car’s computer. This code can then be read by a code reader or other device.

Once you’ve found the underlying problem, your mechanic will be able to source and fix it. Taking care of the problem right away will save you money down the line, as well.

Rattling Noises

Rattling noises can be a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle. They can be heard during various situations, such as acceleration, deceleration, going over bumps or rounding a corner.

Some of these sounds are minor and easily fixed, while others indicate a problem that needs to be addressed before it becomes too serious. Whatever the cause, it’s important to have a mechanic take a look at the sound.

A vw mechanic salt lake city can help you figure out what might be causing it so you can get it repaired before it gets worse. If the rattling noise is coming from your engine, it could be anything from piston slap to an engine rod knock.

Another possible culprit is a loose exhaust system. Exhaust systems are made up of several components that can rattle over time, including the catalytic converter, muffler and sections of exhaust pipe.

Oil Change

Changing your car’s oil is an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. It keeps your engine lubricated and protected, and it increases the longevity of your vehicle.

It also helps your vehicle to run more efficiently and reduces your total emissions. A good oil change is an investment in your vehicle and can save you money on repairs down the road.

When you visit your vw mechanic salt lake city, they will remove the old oil and filter and replace them with new motor oil and a fresh filter. They will also inspect other fluids and top them off if needed.

A conventional oil and filter change for five quarts will cost anywhere from $35 to $75 depending on where you live, but the price will vary if your vehicle requires synthetic oil.

Getting your oil changed on time is one of the best ways to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly for years to come. It’s a simple procedure that you can do yourself or take to the auto shop for professional help.


The tires on your Volkswagen are an integral part of your vehicle’s safety and performance. Not only do they provide a great grip on slippery road surfaces, but they also help to improve fuel economy and increase overall car handling.

Tires wear down over time, and it’s important to know when they are wearing out so you can replace them before you need to. Typically, a set of new tires will last you a couple of years or more depending on the vehicle you have.

One of the best ways to keep your tires in top shape is to get them rotated regularly. Not only will this help to even out the wear and tear, it will also increase the lifespan of your tires.

A good way to tell if you need a tire rotation is to look out for signs like vibrations when driving or uneven tread wear on the tires. If you are unsure, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle checked out by an auto care specialist in your area for a more thorough inspection and to identify any issues that may be lurking in the dark.

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