How to Become a VW Mechanic

Volkswagen is a popular brand of vehicle that requires highly-trained and skilled mechanics to keep them running smoothly. If you are interested in becoming a VW mechanic, there are a few things you should consider first.

The best way to become a VW technician is to attend an accredited automotive school. These schools will provide you with theoretical training and hands-on experience in a shop setting.


Taking care of Volkswagen cars requires a lot of training. You must be able to perform basic repairs, as well as diagnose any problems that may arise. You also need to know how to install replacement parts and keep the vehicle clean.

Many mechanics have earned an ASE certification, which is an industry-standard way to prove their expertise and skills. This can help you get an auto repair job at a dealership or auto body shop.

You must also complete continuing education classes to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques. These classes can also help you find a specialty or develop new skills.

One of the best ways to become a vw mechanic is to earn a degree in automotive technology. You can get this type of degree from a vocational school or college. After you receive your degree, you must go through an internship or apprenticeship program to gain hands-on experience. This can take a few years, but it is important for you to gain experience and improve your skills as an auto technician.


Before you can become a VW mechanic, you need to gain experience in the automotive service industry. This includes completing an apprenticeship or an associate degree program.

You also need to learn about the different components in a Volkswagen car and how they work together. This will help you repair your vehicle correctly.

Another important step to becoming a vw mechanic is attending a manufacturer-specific certification program. These programs teach you the specific parts and systems in each make of vehicle so you can repair them properly.

Once you have completed a program, you can start working as a mechanic at a dealership or a repair shop. This will give you experience you can use when taking the ASE test.


Volkswagen vehicles have been popular in Europe for decades, and they also have a huge foothold here in the US. That makes becoming a vw mechanic a great long-term goal if you want to earn an above-average automotive technician salary.

One way to become a master technician is to spend years training and testing in specific areas. You can get certified through ASE, which is an independent non-profit organization that has more than 500 test locations throughout the country.

In addition, manufacturers like Volkswagen offer their own factory certifications for mechanics. These certifications demonstrate a more in-depth knowledge of the functioning of a manufacturer’s automobile.

For example, Lance Gardner, a mechanic at Fremont Motors in Casper, WY, spent four years completing his Volkswagen Master Technician training and testing. He completed this process in May and was awarded his certification by Chad Deaver, Volkswagen Fixed Operations Manager.


If you have a knack for working on air-cooled Volkswagens, you may be interested in this career path. This job requires a certain level of training and experience, but it’s worth the investment if you’re passionate about auto mechanics and are looking for a long-term career.

You can make a pretty decent wage as a vw mechanic if you’re willing to work hard and learn how to become a master technician. This can take up to eight years, but it’s worth the effort if you love cars and want to be on the top of your game in this industry.

You should be aware that some cities pay more than others for this job, so it’s important to find out where the best salaries are before you start your search. ZipRecruiter can help you find high paying Volkswagen Mechanic jobs in your area by continuously scanning local job postings across the country. The best part is that you’ll be able to compare Volkswagen Mechanic salaries with other companies in your area.

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