How a Volkswagen Mechanic Can Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Whether you’re driving the Beetle, Passat, Golf or any other Volkswagen model, it’s important to keep your vehicle maintained. This will help it last longer and avoid surprise failures or costly repairs.

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Coolant Temperature Sensor

The coolant temperature sensor is a crucial component that keeps your engine running properly. It monitors the temperature of your car’s cooling system and sends it to your vehicle’s computer.

The engine in your Volkswagen runs thousands of times per minute, and this causes heat to be produced as a byproduct. To keep this heat from causing serious damage, the engine uses a liquid cooling system.

It uses passages in the cylinder head, engine block, and intake manifold to allow coolant to flow through. This helps to absorb the heat that’s created, and it also provides information to the computer so that it knows how much coolant to use.

When the coolant temperature sensor fails, it can cause a number of problems for your vehicle. These problems can include sluggish acceleration, hard starting, and the Check Engine Light being on when you’re driving.

Airbag Malfunction Light

The Airbag Malfunction Light is one of the most important safety features your vehicle has, and if it lights up it’s imperative that you take it to a qualified auto mechanic right away. If your airbags fail to deploy in an accident this can lead to serious injury and even death.

Typically the light will illuminate when your car is first started, but it will also stay lit if the airbag system detects a problem. The light will then go off after a few seconds, but it should still be checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

Water damage can also cause the airbag light to flash. A car that has been flooded will have corroded the computer circuits, which can prevent your airbag system from working properly.

Another common reason for an airbag light to illuminate is if the seat belt sensor has failed or been damaged. The seat belt sensors are a very sensitive part of your airbag system and need to be checked regularly for problems.

Oil Sludge

When old oil meets oxidation, it can form a thick gel that sticks to engine parts. This is called sludge and can lead to serious problems.

This sludge will prevent your engine from getting the proper lubrication it needs to run properly. This will cause the moving parts of your Volkswagen to experience increased friction and friction can lead to component failure or engine damage.

The best way to prevent this sludge build up is to follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and change your oil frequently. You should also use good quality engine oil, as cheap oils are typically poor in quality and do not contain the additives needed to keep your engine at its peak performance level.

Stop-and-go driving is another common contributing factor to sludge build up, as this type of driving requires a lot of energy and strain on your engine. This can be especially true if you drive in heavy traffic or during rush hour, as this can make your engine work harder and longer.

Cabin Filter

A cabin air filter may be a relatively new technology to most Volkswagen owners, but it’s one of the most important components in keeping your vehicle healthy and happy. Similar to a good quality engine air filter, the cabin air filter helps keep dirt, dust, pollen and other foreign contaminants from getting into your heating and air conditioning systems and into your passenger compartment.

If your cabin air filter is a bit old or dirty, it can actually affect your overall driving experience and increase your gas mileage by preventing the proper flow of oxygen to the fuel injectors. For this reason it’s worth the investment of your time and money to have a qualified service technician take a look at your cabin air filter.

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